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The "Qinshan No. 1" TBM Was Successfully Launched

  • 2023-08-25

On August 23rd, the "Qinshan No. 1" TBM (full-face hard rock tunnel boring machine) was successfully launched for the tunnel project of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Auxiliary Steam Networking Project. This milestone marks the project's entry into the TBM construction phase.


The tunnel for this project spans approximately 1001.5 meters, traversing tuff formations primarily composed of Class III, IV, and V surrounding rocks, with rock hardness ranging from 30 to 80 MPa. To address the project's unique characteristics, Tangxing Technology assembled a team of professional technical experts to form a research and development team. They comprehensively considered actual construction conditions and devised precise solutions to a range of technical challenges, including rail transportation with small sections and steep slopes, as well as long-distance rapid excavation of small sections. Innovative enhancements were made to various systems, including the cutter head, shield, and propulsion support. Within a span of just 60 days, Tangxing Technology's R&D team completed all preliminary manufacturing preparations, encompassing mechanical design, hydraulic design, and process design. In a remarkable achievement, the "Qinshan No. 1" was developed and delivered within a mere three months, providing robust support for the smooth initiation of the TBM.


The "Qinshan No. 1" TBM boasts a 4-meter excavation diameter, weighing a total of 220 tons and measuring 72 meters in length. Tailored features such as the TBM heavy-duty cutter head, multi-section shield, three-dimensional mucking system, and variable support system were strategically incorporated to fulfill the demands of efficient and extended hard rock excavation. Noteworthy attributes include exceptional safety, remarkable flexibility, high rock-breaking performance, adaptable field transitions, and minimal environmental impact.


The project's completion holds paramount significance. It will enhance the reliability of the auxiliary steam systems at Qinshan Nuclear Power Plants 1 and 2, as well as Fangjiashan Units. Additionally, it will reduce the long-term standby energy consumption and operational costs of electric boilers, while achieving seamless connectivity for the auxiliary of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant 2 and Fangjiashan’s steam systems.


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